Friday, March 2, 2012

Brithday Month ?

Hey Blogger :D

This month just busy of planning how to celebrate birthday
buy what for them
finally can have fun !
im tired of working and study everyday ! 

22 Feb @ School

celebrate en zai's birthday
she said that this year she had no present and cake
we give a big big surprise for her :DD

preparing surprise :D

happy belated bithday ! 

ugly me :(


25 Feb @ KLCC

went KLCC to buy another girls's birthday present
but im stupid and keep go to the wrong station
sorry guys :(

Having lunch at Charlie Brown Cafe 
It's a snoopy cafe
the decoration was nice
but the food was sucks

the cafe near toys r us
is hard to find it LOL

say cheese ! 

photoshooting after looking for present 
im not good at this hahahahaha

this is the most nice one /.\

Next Post
Jeniis Birthday Party !
Stay Tuned 

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